A Journey of Thanks

This blog follows my personal journey of thanks. On Dec. 5, 2007, I turn 30. Over the next year, I will reflect back on my life and personally thank all those individuals who made a difference in my life. These thanks will occur through hand written thank you notes and face-to-face encounters. Along my journey, I will interview today's top experts on gratitude and capture my experience through a personal video journal. The end result is a documentary film called "A Journey of Thanks."

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Big 3-0...the day is finally here!

Last year on this date I began my blog with this entry...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Journey Begins!

Good morning! Welcome to December 5, 2006...my 29th birthday and my first post on my first blog. What will follow is my "Journey of Thanks." Between now and my 30th Birthday I plan to review my life and thank all of those people who made an impact on my life. What will show up when you live a life of gratitude? What will show up when you take the moment to get present to those who impacted your live? What gets created in the world when you actually take the moment to write people a thank you note? Time will tell...The Journey


Now one year later I return and reflect back on the project that has seen various phases and stages. The first few months of the project I was on fire, writing in the blog, keeping a gratitude journal, sharing my thoughts on video, and even sending out a few thank you notes. Being in that state of gratitude helped keep me present in the moment and I enjoyed the magic of every experience.

So the facts are time passed and the focus on the creating the actual documentary and keeping up on the blog shifted. My state of gratitude didn't change just my commitment to keeping track of it all did. What I see now as I read back on some of those precious moments of thanks, like when my son became potty trained or seeing the way the exhaust floats around a car when it's 10 below in such a magical dance. These are moments have had a thousand times over during this past year but unless you stop to write them down and give thanks for viewing them you tend to forget.

As a result of having a hit or miss blog, I thought I'd do a recap of all the things I've been thankful for and grateful for over the past year. I spoke to someone the other day who said, "It's not that what you declared didn't happen. It just took on a different time-line than you had planned. As with any declaration you can always redeclare! And besides it's not like you haven't been up to some big things this year!"

Therefore, I take this moment now, on my 30th birthday and reflect on what magic and miracles have occurred over this past year and give thanks for all that manifested and all that is still to come...

March 2007
- The biggest transformation that occurred for me this year was choosing to change career paths and I resigned from my position at the production company I had been employed at for the past 7 years. My wife Chanda and I started our own company Parkinson Productions, Inc. and we pursued our work as mediums and intuitives.

April 2007
- I woke up on the morning of the 6th with this BAMB of an idea. I saw Chanda and I on the Ellen show and it struck me, I wouldn't be on Ellen for the journey of thanks, we'd be on her show for the work that we do together. So that morning a travel show idea with Chanda and I as hosts was born.
- This month we officially became incorporated. And the energy and momentum of our new journey came on full force.

May 2007
- Talk about jumping in with both feet...this month I finished at my full time job, my work as a medium was featured in a news story on KVLY, we helped organize the first annual Fargo Holistic Expo and my family hit the road for a 6 week adventure down the west coast. For a complete recap of that experience you can check out our travel blog...

June 2007
- This month saw two weeks in Hawaii in a condo right on the water and two weeks in Montana sharing messages from spirit and connecting with my family at a reunion.

July 2007
- Returned to Fargo after a non-stop adventure and reconnected with the production company I had worked for. Suddenly I manifested a perfect world where I could do my work as a medium and also keep connected as a filmmaker.
- Also this month contained a date that changed everything...It was Monday, July 30th and Chanda and I were in Minneapolis for a public event. We were a little nervous as it was the first time we'd presented an event together in Minneapolis and as a result I said to Chanda, "What if today was the day that changed everything? What if we just declared that this day is the day that forever transforms our lives?" So we did and as a result we had an extraordinary evening of communication, we were approached by a tv rep about exploring a tv series idea with Chanda and I as hosts (the flash from April was manifesting) and I returned home that evening to find an email from a publishing company asking if I'd be interested in submitting a proposal for a book about my work as a medium. WOW...its still causes me to pause and the pure gratitude I feel inside still humbles me. Could it be that easy? Could the universe simply grant your request when the request comes from a place of pure love and inspiration? Apparently so. And that date will be a red letter date in our calendar because from that moment to this moment life has evolved in such wonderful extraordinary ways.

August 2007
- Jacob turned 4 and he has brought me some of my most profound moments of gratitude throughout this journey.
- On Friday, August 24th at 3:02 p.m. - while Chanda and I were up in Minot, ND sharing our work I received a call from the publishing company saying they loved my proposal for my book and they were very excited to work with me!

September 2007
-We shot the interview sequences for the tv demo we are creating to pitch to networks. I won't say too much here but it's a travel show with an intuitive twist. Hosted by the husband-wife medium psychic team and their 4 year old son. It was the first step in a process of a new adventure.
-We had an extraordinary week and a half trip to Montana where we shared our work as mediums and intuitives in Babb, Missoula, and Helena. Truly a magical trip and it was such a blessing to be amongst such wonderful people. Chanda sums up the experience so beautifully on our travel blog...

October 2007
- A lot occurred in the month of October but one date that sticks in my mind is Oct. 24. That is the day we heard that the production company who had originally been planning to produce the demo for the tv show Chanda and I were proposing backed out of the agreement. I know it was a difficult decision for them and it was hard to hear but the blessing that came out of that day was we became the sole producers of the series and with the help of our rep we moved forward in creating the demo. Another day of gratitude when the universe showed us another way to truly come into our own and what we want for our lives.

November 2007
- During this month of thanks, Chanda went to Sedona, AZ and became a certified past life regression counselor, I was a guest speaker at the Edge Life Expo in Minneapolis and we shot and completed the demo for the tv show. A jammed pack month full of many opportunities of thanks.
- This month also saw one of the most precious conversations I've ever had with my son Jacob. I was taking him to school one day and he asked me, "Daddy where do you work?" And I said, "When I'm at the studio or at home." He said, "Both." I continued, "When I'm at the studio I make tv shows and when I'm at home I have sessions with people." He said, "Is that when you talk to God?" In amazement I responded, "Yes." He continued, "Well how do you know where God is?" I responded, "Well, God is in everything, God is in the trees, in the grass, he's in you..." and before I could finish Jake interjected, "And he's in YOU!" It was a beautiful exchange and still warms my heart as I think of it now.

December 2007
- I guess that brings up right up to today. I've spent the morning writing this entry and during that time I've received a number of birthday greetings via email and event a knock at the door and a gift of homemade baklava from our friend Nukhet! And let me tell you it is hands down the BEST BAKLAVA I HAVE EVER TASTED!!! I'm still drooling.

So where do I go from here? Well, the day is still young and there is a lot to see and do before my birthday is over. As for the project, The Journey of Thanks continues. I may not have created the documentary I had originally planned on or written all the thank you notes yet. But just because the year is up doesn't mean I spot being grateful. I can tell you I've been more present to gratitude this year than any other and now to top off the morning, I sign my book contract with Llewellyn and the rest as they say is history.

Love and peace to you and many thanks for all you provide in the world!

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Welcome to a Month of Thanks!

Here we are the month of November...a time to reflect on gratitude and a time to revisit and revive my journey of thanks. This month you'll find more postings, updates and the count down to my 30th birthday. The project has evolved and shifted since its inception and my list of thank yous continues to grow daily.

Today is November 1st and I'm so happy and grateful to serve others, connect with my wife and laugh with my son.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Many, Many Thanks

So much has occurred since last I wrote...and so much to be thankful for. Updates will be coming soon as this Journey of Thanks continues to evolve.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

My Boy's Birthday

Four years ago today my son was born. As I reflect back on that precious moment in time I have nothing but gratitude in my heart. Jake is such a little man now it floors me. This morning Chanda and I sang happy birthday to him and when we were done he said "Thank You." And I could have sworn he was 40 not 4.

There are new developments coming on this Journey of Thanks. Stay tuned for a focused three months coming this September!

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Grateful from the Road

It's been a few months since my last post and it's not to say I haven't been thankful. I'm currently in LA preparing to fly to Honolulu for twelve days. So much to be thankful for these days...our family is on a new adventure and finding those moments of gratitude these days is not to hard. LIFE IS GREAT!

I'm so happy and grateful to be on this wonderful adventure with my family. To read more about that adventure check out... http://theparkinsonadventures.blogspot.com/


Monday, April 09, 2007

New Beginnings!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Easter and welcome to a day of new beginnings! I'm so happy and grateful for today because today is the official incorporation date for my wife and my new business. As of today, Parkinson Productions, Inc. is an official S-corp. I share this news because it's a reminder of new beginnings, that in each moment of the now is an opportunity to create. Parkinson Productions is a company with a mission to create inspiring workshops, products and events for the spirit, mind and body. So stay tuned for all the exciting things that will come. A Journey of Thanks is one of those creations...LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Every Moment is an Opportunity

Good morning! Every moment is a moment to choose...today I chose to get up work out and enter a post in my blog. I recognize that I'm always on the journey and it's simply just a choice to keep this blog updated or not. Take out the emotion, take out the drama and just connect and the miracles start to flow.

I'm so happy and grateful now that I'm home with my family and full of energy and life.

Life is great...why? - because I say so!